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  • Ilsung Seorak Condominium

    Gangwon-Do, South Korea Indulge in the beach activities and marine sports available at the nearby East Sea. Or you may take a tour to world-renowned Mt. Sorak National Park which includes a cable car ride up to the...
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  • Ilsung Namhangang Condominium

    Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea Namhangang Resort is located in the Yeoju area of Korea. It is about 90mins drive from Seoul.The tombs of King Sejong the Great and King Hyojong, as well as those of many famous scholars, can be...
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  • Ilsung Muju Condominium

    Jeollabuk-do, South Korea Muju, which leads the global environmental period of 21st century, is the Eutopia harmonized with Nature, life, culture and tradition. In spring, Muju is beautiful feast of spring in the cherry...
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  • Daemyung Resort Danyang

    Chungchongbuk-Do, South Korea The Danyang area is famous for "Danyang Palkyung", a beautiful sceneries which includes Mt Soback and Mt Worak. Nearby is the Pugok-sa temple, noted for having some of the oldest wooden architecture...
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  • Daemyung Resort Seorak

    Gangwon-Do, South Korea Sokcho is a coastal city located in the northeastern part of Gangwon-do.Its major industries are aquatic products and tourism.Flanked by the East Sea and Mt. Seoraksan,Sokcho is an extremely popular...
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  • Daemyung Resort Yangpyeong

    Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea Yangpyeong is known as the “Region of Loyalty” from ancient times. Many historical sites, such as the Yongmun Temple and Sana Temple, are located in this area. Yangyeong is also famous for its scenic...
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  • Dogo Tovice Condominium

    Chungcheongnam-Do, South Korea Located in the western part of Korea,Togo & Onyang are hotspring resorts 1&1/2hrs drive from Seoul.Ths spa is famous for medicinal qualities dating back to over 600 years.Onyang's other claim to fame...
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  • Jeju Tovice Beach Condominium

    Jeju-Do, South Korea Jeju Island is a place of myths and legends, where stone statues of dwarf-like Tolharubang (powerful fertility God) abounds. It is also famous as a Mecca for honeymooners. The beaches with the...
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  • Kensington Resort Chungju

    Chungcheongbuk-Do, South Korea Indulge in the many facilities located on-site or the many attractions located nearby. Some of the places of interest are: Chungju-Ho (the biggest lake-20km), Worak National Park, Historic relics as...
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  • Kensington Resort Gyeongju

    Gyeongsangbuk-Do, South Korea Kyungju was nominated by UNESCO to one of ten historic relics from all the nations of the world. There are many attractions like the Bulkuksa (Buddist temple), Kyungju MUSEUM, Sokkulam cave (grotto),...
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  • Kensington Resort Jirisan

    Kyongsangnam-Do, South Korea ...
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  • Kensington Resort Seorak Beach

    Gangwon-Do, South Korea The resort, located in Mount Sorak National Park Area, features Donghae beach, which is well-known for its crystal-clear waters. Enjoy swimming, boating, and sunbathing in summer, late spring, and...
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  • Kensington Resort Seorak Valley

    Gangwon-Do, South Korea Located within Mt. Sorak National Park Area & surrounded by beautiful streams, valleys and picnic sites which was used by the world Jumboree in 1991. This is the place where visitors can experience...
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  • Vivaldi Park

    Gangwon-Do, South Korea Vivaldi Park is located at Mt.Maebong, 651 meters above sea level. Vivaldi Ski Resort has 13 ski slopes, the maximum scale among the domestic skiing ground, and 10 lifts, including gondolas....
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  • Hanwha Resort Haeundae

    Busan Metropolitan City, South Korea Busan is a second largest city in Korea. As a major port city, there is a myriad of sea routes offering gateways to Japan and to the rest of the world. Busan also boast scenic visions of nature with...
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  • Hanwha Resort Gyeongju

    Gyeongsangbuk-Do, South Korea As the capital of the Silla Kingdom for almost a thousand years, gyeongju preserve s vast amount of significant and fascinati ng historical heritages. Along with bulguk sa temple and seokguram...
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  • Hanwha Resort Jeju

    Jeju City, South Korea Jeju-do is the premier tourist destination in Korea because of the stunning natural scenery and superior tourist amenities. Scenic beaches,waterfalls,cliffs and caves lie in harmony, and the mild...
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  • Hanwha Resort Phoenixpark

    Kangwon-Do, South Korea Pyeongchang is rich in mountains & forests .It holds such famous spots as Geumdang Valley in its fall colors, Palseokjeong Pavilion in harmony with its surrounding mountains, and Maeji waterfall. The...
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  • Hanwha Resort Seorak

    Gangwon-Do, South Korea Hanwha Resort Seorak is located in Sokcho City. Sokcho is a coastal city in the northeastern part of Gangwon-do.It's major industries are aquatic products and tourism. Flanked by the East Sea and Mt....
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