Dr. John and Lana T. From: Round Rock, TX "Hello Krystal,

Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year....we are just LOVING St. Maarten. It is so gorgeous and the water is soooo blue and the sand is sooo white.
The Atrium, the people and the location are absolutely great. You couldn't have done better for us!

We would recommend this to anyone in the world. We ran into another veterinarian couple from the American Vet. Assoc. and enjoyed visiting. Everyone agreed this is a great place. Send more folks here.

By the way, you booked our Hawaii trip for March 2.....I know we have a one bedroom, but is it possible to upgrade to a 2 bedroom because we are meeting friends of ours who are getting married...from there in the islands and would like to host a few gatherings in their celebration. Obviously we will be bringing many gifts etc. and think a one bedroom would be a little crowded. Please upgrade asap if possible. Do NOT cancel the one we have, but upgrade if ya can. If there is an added charge, let us know and we will send money fast.

Krystal, you are the best! We thoroghly enjoyed our 31st wedding anniversary yesterday.....it was so nice!
Happy Holidays to ya and let us know as soon as you can.

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