Pastor Roger and Peggy W. From: Cedar Park, TX "I am Roger L. Wilson, I want to share with you some of my wonderful experiences me and my family and friends have had with your vacation program. My first vacation with you all was to Cancun, Mexico in 2004. We stayed at Tucan Cancun Resort. We had a villa right on the beach. It was absolutely awesome. The people were so nice and the accommodations were wonderful. Such a clean and beautiful place. I would go again. Our next venture was to Jamaica in 2005. We stayed at Sandy Port Resort. Again, the accommodations were outstanding, clean, beautiful, more than adequate. We would go again. Awesome! This last year, 2006 my daughter got married and we arranged for them to go to St. Maarten on their honeymoon. The place they stayed was at the Flamingo Beach Resort. The beach was awesome and like paradise. On certain occasions their were some taxes added to the bill or certain other charges, but Vacation Network refunded us for these add-on charges just like they said they would if this ever occured. We paid for them on check-out and sent the bill in and they took care of it. This for us has been an exciting and wonderful experience. I am planning a trip to the Grand Cayman Islands in January, 2008 and I am taking my whole family to a beautiful chalet in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I would say to, whoever, Go For It! I have also appreciated the sales people who have worked with me to meet our wants and needs. "

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